Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just a Touch-Me-Up!

I had another eye surgery August 13th! The result is beautiful and I love it! Want the right side done again now! ha!

I got the implant inserted again and lifted up to help the eye close more and restore moisture. Dr. Howard also closed in the corner a little more and I am glad he did! It is awesome! I healed rather fast ths time, got it done on a Thursday and black-n-blue was gone by Sunday. I did take my time at work and worked half days for a week. I am so starting that from here on out. I was pushing myself to hard and not letting my body heal; that is the most important thing is getting me back together, so I gotta remember that!

On a side note, another one bites the dust! Guess me and Kenneth were not meant to be either. Dude- where is my knight? I know God will send hm my way when i am ready to embrace it. Love sucks!

The knee healed up and so did my arm- for now! Cortizone seemed to help both! TMJ is stable! lol Good -to much normal pain for me!