Friday, May 4, 2012

Touch Up

Here we go!  May 9, 2012, I have to go in to finish what was started in 2004.  When the left AN came out, Dr. P had to leave a dead piece of tumor on the facial nerve to preserve it.  It did heal up and was fine for a few years, but started fading in and out two years ago. Well, come January 2012 it was pretty much done.

I had a facial EEG a few weeks ago and it showed how week the nerve is and that is dying.  Dr. P. said it is better to do it now verses later. So, Wednesday, we will crack the head and go get that stupid dead tumor and repair the facial nerve. This is the same thing I had done back in 1997 with the right side and it worked beautifully, so I am praying for similar results.

Healing time from surgery, about 2-4 weeks estimated.  Healing  time for the nerve to regenerate and grow, about 6 months to a year. All I know is by the time me and Michael are able to get married, I should be smiling big from inside, out!

With my awesome God, friends, family and fiance', I will conquer this one too! NF2 WATCH OUT!