Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Me- Normal?

Well I figured this is what it was, but once I emailed Dr. P., he wanted to see me again. I was having major aching pain in my neck area. I have TMJ also and it popped out really bad like 3 weeks ago. The pain started right after that. It was a given, but with my history; I don't take chances.

He wanted to see me ASAP to determine what the pain was from. A minute after talking to me and feeling my jaw pop, sure enough, TMJ symptoms! DUH! lol But I love my doctor and I was relieved to get his confirmation! He told me to see an Oral Surgeon for relief procedures and gave me some pain killers- yup! I am good!!!

I asked him how in the world I got something "normal?" I don't think I really know how to deal with anything not NF2 related. It is different I will tell you that much, but welcomed.

My tumors have never grown that fast and I just knew that it couldn't change in a week's time. I am very thankful for that.

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